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Interactive marketing and branding workshop

Dates and locations
Locations Date Sponsored By
Kane County - St. Charles, IL Sept. 10 - 12th Kane County Chronicle
Sauk Valley - Dixon, IL Sept. 17 - 19th The Telegraph/The Daily Gazette
Morris, IL Sept. 25 - 27th The Morris Daily News
Newton, IA Oct. 1st - 3rd Newton Daily News
Rockford, IL TBD  
Helena, MT TBD  
Stephenville, TX TBD  
Butte, MT TBD  
Champaign, IL TBD  
Great Falls, MT TBD  
Missoula, MT TBD  
Montrose, CO TBD  
Sandy, UT TBD  
St. George, UT TBD  

Dates subject to change. Please call Kate Rood at (360) 838-2345 to confirm dates and locations.

Please note: Cities may be listed twice, meaning there will be more than one workshop in that city.

What is TOMA and the TOMA Survey
TOMA is top of mind awareness. Businesses that are at the top of consumers' minds have a high market share. Consistent, creative advertising will get your business top of mind awareness. You may not achieve the brand awareness of Kleenex or Hershey, however you can be the first business local consumers think of when buying products or services in your category.

TOMA surveys are unaided and unaltered. No help, hints or business names are offered the research respondents with respect to any Top of Mind Awareness question. All survey answers are recorded as presented by the respondents, being grouped under a single business name only when the answer clearly and without question matches that business name. Respondents are adults 18 or over and only single family homes are surveyed. Calls are placed on a random basis within the local market zip codes. Each survey respondent is asked to name the "the first business they think of" with respect to a business category. The business name given is then recorded in the survey. If the respondents are unable to think of a business name in any category, "no response" is recorded in the survey. Home ownership, length of residency, shopping characteristics, yellow page use and influence are a few other questions which round out the survey.

Local consumers were asked who they thought of first in dozens of business categories
Approximately 4 weeks before the workshop, hundreds of local consumers will be surveyed in up to 60 categories. This is your chance to find out what percentage of your marketplace knows your business, without spending a dime for a marketing consultant! This is exactly the process used by monster brands like Coke and McDonalds. They find out directly from the consumer how they rank in brand awareness and then go after a bigger market share by effective advertising. Now you can, too!

You will learn the results of the local survey and what percentage of consumers thought of your business first at the workshop. No waiting or scheduling an appointment for this information or for help in getting larger market share through creative advertising.

Pharmacy   Example of mature category
CVS Pharmacy 31.50 %  
Walgreen's 21.50 %  
Rite Aid 12.00 %  
7.50 % High brand/business awareness creates
5.50 % low "no response" rate
The Medicine Shoppe
3.50 %  
Meijer 2.50 % Harder to impact market share
Clark's 1.50 % Costs more to move up
[Fifteen others >_1.00%]
11.00 %  
No responses 3.50 %  

Contractor Roofing   Example of non-mature category
Bauer Roofing 3.50 %  
Dahm Brothers 1.00 %  
Williams Brothers 1.00 % Low brand/business awareness creates
Copeland Roofing
1.00 % high "no response" rate
Enterprise Roofing
1.00 % Category of opportunity
[Twenty-Nine others at 0.50%]
14.50 % Easier to increase market share and Brand / business awareness
No responses 78.00%  

Chiropractor   Example of large Yellow page category
Dixie Chiropractic 2.50 %  
Daubenspeck Chiropractic 2.00 % Large Yellow Page categories have
Dr. Teeters 1.50 % highest "no response" rate
Dr. Clark, Bob
1.00 %  
Dr. Rank, David
1.00 % If you don't need a chiropractor for 3 years,
Dr. Labig
1.00 % how long before you see the Yellow Page ad?
[Thirty-Seven others at 0.50%] 18.50 %  
No responses 72.50 %  

Sponsored by media companies in your community that care about your success

Local media companies invite you to attend a business workshop conducted by experts in how to increase brand awareness. You could spend hundreds of dollars for this information. There is no charge to you. Just mark your calendar and come prepared to increase sales with the information from the TOMA workshop.

Compete successfully against big box stores

There are few businesses that have not been affected by the Wal-Marts and Home Depots that are being built every day! This workshop will tell you exactly how to compete against these big box stores. You'll learn how to get and keep your share of local dollars. Here's a tip: you won’t beat them on price.

Objective advice on Yellow Page advertising

Learn what Yellow Page reps won't tell you and find out why you may be spending too much money in Yellow Page ads. This is information you can't get anywhere else. How important is the size of your ads and the placement? You could save thousands of dollars a year with this information alone.

Proven marketing tools and strategies

The experts at TOMA have been conducting workshops that help businesses grow for over 20 years. They've been in over 1,300 markets. The tools and strategies shared during the workshop will help you plan where you want your business to be in 5, 10, 15 years and beyond.

Your time will bring you more market share
You will need to spend a couple of hours at the workshop and come prepared to learn a whole new approach to building brand awareness. Time is money, that's why the event is sponsored for you, so your investment is relatively small. Half the workshop will be a forum filled with eye opening statistics conducted by a TOMA expert; the last half you will see the results of the survey, how your business placed and get hands on help to drive more business through your doors.