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The basic principals of TOMA are invaluable. Too often, newspaper reps determine that certain categories won't buy newspaper, or they determine that small businesses can't afford newspaper advertising. TOMA encourages our reps to sell to non-traditional business categories and to small business owners with the confidence that the advertiser will see return on their investment. TOMA has given us the opportunity to create long term relationships through cooperative advertising strategies designed to grow an advertiser's market share. We significantly increased revenue in specific categories, and drove home the importance of advertising.

Diane Winnemuller
Retail Advertising Manager
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Las Vegas, NV


TOMA reinforced the need for selling a long-term advertising strategy. Businesses that want to be around for the long haul need to have an ad plan to match. Hearing this from a company that has conducted surveys in more than a thousand markets and been back to measure results again and again gives compelling and non-partisan information to local businesses and our own advertising representatives. It builds confidence in long-term results for both those who buy and sell ads.

Matt McMillan
Hutchinson Leader
Hutchinson, MN


When we were deciding to do the TOMA program a year ago, I was hoping that TOMA would deliver and I anticipated it being successful but I really didn't expect this great of a return. For a market our size, we're doing great selling a little over $400,000 within a year's time; most of that, I'd say 70%, has come from previous non-advertisers.

Sandy Sandford
Market Manager
Noalmark Broadcasting
El Dorado, AK


Since 1997 we've done over a million dollars in TOMA related business. That's been a motivator for us. TOMA has helped us to get to non-advertisers and create value, which ultimately has led to the client advertising with us and previous clients increasing their schedules.

Michael Raz
Advertising Director
The Eugene Guard
Eugene, OR


We only invest in services that we feel are reputable, dependable and most importantly, profitable for our newspaper. Our investment in TOMA Research definitely paid off for us and has consistently done so since 1996.

Patty Bennett
Senior Sales Manager
The Daily Item
Sunbury, PA

We've generated approximately $278,000 in 'TOMA only' sales, but we've also signed quite a bit of other business because of TOMA. Our average sale has increased $9,800 per contract. I am very pleased so far with the results. It's been an excellent investment.

Warner Lewis
General Sales Manager
Zimmer Radio Group
Lawrence, KS